great product
now what?
I can help you bring it to market.
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You have a great product, now what?
Let me help you bring it to market.
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You have a great product, now what?
Let me help you bring it to market.
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Come Sell or High Water has one basic goal:

To bring my three-plus decades of experience in Consumer Packaged Goods navigating for big brands to the emerging brand space. Through a mix of innovation, strategy, and promotion, we can assist each entrepreneur in getting startups into stores the right way.  


Come Sell or High Water is like the partner you desperately need when it comes time to getting your product onto grocery shelves. We support products on their journey to shelves in California, New York, Boston, Oregon, Florida, Austin, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago and many other markets.  

There are so many facets to growing a brand in the CPG space. From the initial concept to product presentation to carving out an online presence for your product…that alone can be a herculean effort. That’s before you even consider things like slotting and deductions.  

Come Sell or High Water specializes in launching Food and Beverage CPG products at retail in all channels, including food stores, drug stores, club stores, specialty stores, convenience stores, mass merchandisers and more. Whether it’s wholesale, independent supermarkets, or chain supermarkets you are targeting, I can help you with that. Looking to get in with Food Distributors? I can help with that, too. Over my thirty years in the industry, I have worked with them all.   

Getting your product into stores is an entirely different animal. So, let’s slay that beast together. 

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