On a recent episode of The Good Food CFO Podcast, our founder Paul Christian discussed an array of topics relating to the CPG world.  

From the episode description: 

“In this episode, I am joined by Paul Christian. Paul is an industry veteran with over thirty years of experience working with powerhouse companies like Hormel, Coca-Cola, Unilever Ice Cream, and Smuckers. When Paul realized how much he loved using his knowledge of the industry to help smaller brands and early-stage startups break down that barrier to entry, he founded Come Sell or High Water with a simple mantra: small brand focus with big brand ambitions.  

Paul is sharing all that knowledge and experience in this conversation all about building an effective and successful partnership with a broker. 

Paul & I discuss: 

What exactly a broker does, and can do for your Good Food business 

  1. How to know if you should be onboarding a broker 
  2. Tips for choosing the best broker for you and your business 
  3. What red flags to look out for 
  4. The most important things you can do to build an effective partnership.” 

Take a listen: http://goodfoodcfo.libsyn.com/how-to-build-an-effective-broker-partnership-with-paul-christian 


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